A What Is a Seedbox.

A What Is a Seedbox.

A What Is a Seedbox

A seedbox is a virtual private server (VPS) that gives you the same benefits as a dedicated server, but instead of having a single end user, you can rent the VPS to many different users, increasing the number of simultaneous connections the VPS can accommodate. You can also use a seedbox to host high-volume websites or services on a virtual infrastructure.A seedbox is in essence a dedicated computer that’s always connected to a high-speed internet connection. The seedbox only has software installed on it that relates to torrenting. Seedboxes are always seeding and downloading torrents and free up your main computer from dealing with torrenting along with everything else you want it to do.


A seedbox is primarily used in torrent file downloading applications and services. Typically, a seedbox is connected to a high speed network and provides a download and upload speed of 100 Mpbs to several Gbps. A seedbox works when the BitTorrent protocol is used to store files and data on it from a remote/local computer. The seedbox then feeds or uploads the data to all connected users. Having a higher bandwidth capability, a seedbox generally enables file downloads or uploads more quickly than downloads or uploads to a standard peer computer.As I explained above, when you use BitTorrent from your home computer (without a VPN) everyone can see what you're up to. A seedbox takes your own computer out of the picture entirely.

After all, it's a remote computer somewhere in the cloud that torrents on your behalf. All you do is let it know which torrents to get and wait until its done.Many seedboxes are hosted in countries that have a favorable legal framework when it comes to file sharing via peer-to-peer technology. Countries like Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Mexico provide safe havens for torrenting services such as seedboxes. It provides a double-layer of privacy, as long as the seedbox provider itself has a good personal information policy.Sometimes it's just not possible to use a VPN. It could be because of ISP blocking or simply because your speeds suffer too much. Whatever the reason you can't use a VPN for torrents, a seedbox is a good alternative to maintain your privacy and still enjoy top speeds. Even if you're happy with your VPN, seedboxes offer such a good torrenting experience you might want one anyway. (Source: www.technadu.com)





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