A Two Column Resume Template

A Two Column Resume Template

Two Column Resume Template

A traditional resume format has two columns, one for work experience and one for education. You can use this template as an alternative to that old-fashioned approach.



If you have been having trouble fitting all of your skills and experience onto your resume in an appealing way, a two-column resume template may be just what you need. While many job-seekers opt for a resume with a single column that fills the entire width of the page, resume templates with two separate columns have become more popular in recent years. A two-column resume offers more efficient organization as well as a modern, professional look.Begin, as always, with your name and contact information. Once that has been done, it is time to decide what to place at the beginning of each column. One column will likely feature your work experience, as this is the focus of a resume. Begin with your most recent position at the top, and be sure to highlight your most impressive achievements in each role. In most two-column resumes, one column will be wider than the other; we recommend using the larger column for your work experience.

When creating your resume, there are countless formats to consider using. While you may be familiar with the one-column format where everything reads like a list, there are more unique ways to present your qualifications. People who are design savvy may feel more inclined to use a two-column format for their resume. In this article, we explain what a two-column resume is and then share the pros and cons of using this format vs. a one-column resume. (Source: www.indeed.com)


A two-column resume can be useful for job seekers in any industry. If you are an experienced professional with years of experience, a two-column template may help you fit all of your skills, achievements, awards, and certifications on your resume while keeping the page count low. If you are in a creative job such as marketing or graphic design, you may prefer a two-column format for its customizability. When you know your industry well and can make the format work for you, you can’t go wrong with a two-column templa“An Australian study of 40,000 CVs submitted as part of real job applications, has revealed that two thirds of jobseekers cut their chances of impressing potential employers due to sloppy spelling. The research, conducted by job search website Adzuna and featured on news.com.au, showed that 67 per cent of the CVs submitted contained at least one spelling error and 50 per cent had four or more. A simple typo might be enough to blow your chances.”

Suggestions that you’re a party animal – it’s incredible that these still appear in a lot of CVs as they are an instant turnoff for prospective employers. ‘Drinking’, ‘Socialising’, ‘Nights out’, ‘Partying’, ‘Clubbing’ and so on might make you sound like a fun person but to your would-be boss, they suggest you’ll be too hungover Monday morning to do a great job. (Source: www.cvtemplatemaster.com)



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