A Tom Brady Resume

A Tom Brady Resume


Tom Brady Resume

Tom Brady is the most recent five-time Super Bowl champion of the NFL. He has completed 8 games and 15 pass attempts in the Super Bowl. His statistics include 27 MVPs, 494 touchdown passes, and 5 super Bowl Championships.



It's not an equal comparison, of course, comparing baseball players and football players, but it's a fun discussion about championships and the players who won lots of them. Brady has seven Super Bowl titles, and he’s the only NFL player with more than five, but 12 baseball players have at least seven World Series titles and 55 have at least five rings. Of the 12, every single player on that list won at least four titles with the Yankees; of the 55, only four reached the five-ring plateau without winning a single championship with the Yankees.

In a career as long and prestigious as the GOAT’s, records that, for others would be the highlight of their careers, are simply just another stat on a resume for Tom Brady. Many would assume that the future Hall of Famer has set just about every record in the books, especially after passing longtime rival Drew Brees as the all-time passing yards leaders in Week 4. However, Brady shockingly set a new personal record against the Dolphins that even he had not accomplished in his storied career. It was the first time that he had thrown for five touchdowns and over 400 yards in a single game. (Source: thepewterplank.com)


As the NFL’s all-time leader in QB wins, touchdown passes, championships won and Super Bowl MVPs, Brady has long since erased any doubt that he is the greatest in history at football’s most important position. All we can do now is rattle off the many different dimensions by which Brady is, in fact, the best ever. For instance, he is the Super Bowl-era career leader in total QB value over replacement (based on our QB Elo value metric, representing the number of yards a QB generated relative to an undrafted backup), The NFL playoff field is fully set. Take a look at all the information you need to know from the wild-card round to Super Bowl 56.

Some of that owes to sheer volume, since Brady has started a record 10 (ten!) Super Bowls, spanning 20 seasons. A few others on the list — namely Montana, Terry Bradshaw and Kurt Warner — have had better per-game or per-play Super Bowl performances than Brady after we adjust for schedule and era. But in addition to the career record, Brady owns the seventh-best title-game performance ever — for his eye-popping numbers in Super Bowl XXXVIII — and three of the 11 best ever. In other words, Brady hasn’t been a mere Super Bowl “compiler,” even though he might also be the only player in history you could even accuse of being such a thing. (Source: fivethirtyeight.com)


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