A Swamp Milkweed Plants for Sale

A Swamp Milkweed Plants for Sale

Swamp Milkweed Plants for Sale

The milkweed plants provide not only a beautiful sight, but also a unique commercial use for the mildly invasive weed.Many butterflies will visit to feed from the attractive flowers but this milkweed is especially attractive to female Monarch butterflies because they love to lay their eggs on this plant. The hatching caterpillars will eat until they are large enough to make their beautiful jade chrysalis. About 10 days after that a new Monarch butterfly will emerge.


If you are new to milkweed or just curious about helping the monarchs this is a great starting point. Last year, I purchased my first plant from joyful butterfly strictly to help the monarchs. My plant arrived healthy & beautiful. I planted it in a small flower bed late spring & soon after the monarchs started visiting the plant daily. Then I started finding eggs, lots of eggs! I can’t explain how amazing it felt to provide for these beautiful butterflies. I had at least 10 caterpillars that survived & grew into beautiful butterflies from this one plant. The plant is easy to care for and the flowers are beautiful. All the pollinators love it! I’m located in Central Indiana & I put this plant in a full sun to part shade bed. By Fall it was about 4.5′ tall.

The best way to ensure that swamp milkweed seeds germinate is to plant them in a well-drained, clump-free soil bed that has been worked finely with a rake or rototiller. Compress the roots into the soil (but don't cover them) after they are sown to ensure good soil-to-seed contact. Once the seeds sprout, keep the seedbed moist until they are established. SKU: N/A Categories: Bee friendly, Bird friendly, Butterfly friendly, Clay soil tolerant, Deer tolerant, Full Sun, Perennial, Rain Garden, Size: Gallon, Size: Quart, Wet soil tolerant Tags: Asclepias incarnata, butterfly, buy, catonsville, columbia, deer, deer tolerant, elliott city, flower, flowers, garden, gardens, glenwood, howard county, landscape, landscapers, landscaping, lauren's, maryland, milkweed, native, natives, nature, plant, plants, service, shop, store, swamp milkweed (Source:www.laurensgardenservice.com)



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