A Supply House

A Supply House

Supply House

In this blog post, we take a look at how the design, features and features of the latest Nanit Smart Nursery upgrade. You'll also be able to find out the things you'll need to make sure your child is getting the most out of their new Nanit.



Between 1913 and 1930, the General Biological Supply House in Chicago also grew remarkably. Morris Miller Wells started what he originally called the “Chicago Biological Supply House” in 1913, while he was a graduate student at the University of Chicago. He began working out of a basement office there, and the business continued to expand under his leadership. Wells completed his PhD at Chicago in 1915, and began teaching there as an Associate Professor. In 1918, with the help of Frank Lillie and his brother-in-law, Charles Crane, Wells resigned from his work at the University of Chicago, and incorporated his thriving business under the new name “General Biological Supply House”—selling products under the trade name Turtox. Frank Lillie was then the Director of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole (starting in 1908). Lillie married Frances Williams Crane (whom he met at the MBL in 1895), and her brother Charles R. Crane became an early and often financial backer of the MBL. When the GBSH incorporated, Charles Crane bought a controlling interest (fifty-one percent) of the General Biological Supply House common stock, worth $18,000 at the time of purchase, and gifted that common stock to the MBL. During these early years, the General Biological Supply House continued to outgrow its operating space in Chicago, and nearly every five years expanded into new and larger facilities to accommodate its growth.

We partnered up with Tools & Tiaras Inc. in hosting their first workshop on Long Island at our Headquarters! The girls were able to learn all about plumbing blueprints, how pressure gauges work, the different types of pipe fittings, and how to connect threaded black pipe! Check out our recent press release for more information on how this incredible event went! (Source: www.glassdoor.com)


CAL-STEAM is the top plumbing and mechanical supplier in Northern California with our industry-leading fill rate. We believe in providing best-in-class product support and cater to the needs of customers in the commercial trades. With services like custom quotations, commercial water heater delivery and Pro Pick-up, we are committed to providing our customers with the right products on time, every time. Find a location and contact us to benefit from our products and services.

Western Irrigation Supply House, Inc. (WISH), has been serving the needs of the agricultural irrigation community in the Central Plains since 1975. We specialize exclusively in wholesale distribution of quality irrigation supplies. Over the years, due to the steadfast and loyal support of our customers, WISH has grown into a premier irrigation supply center, with a large and diverse product offering for agriculture, commercial, industrial and residential applications. If your product needs include accessories for pump, pipeline, pivot, sideroll, solid set, turf, or micro irrigation, there’s a good chance that we inventory and can supply the products that address your needs. (Source: www.irrigationdistributors.com)


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