A Stoneberry

A Stoneberry


Stoneberry is my very first blog. It was started in spring 2016 and has since received around 500,000 unique visitors. You can read all about my approach to content marketing here.


Stoneberry Credit boasts a minimum monthly payment starting at $5.99, depending on your order size. You'll make monthly payments until you've paid off your purchase. Just like a credit card, if you fail to pay off your account’s new balance within 25 days of the statement date, Stoneberry Credit will add a finance charge of up to 23.99%, based on where you live.

www.thebalance.com)If you need to return an item you've purchased using Stoneberry Credit, the amount of the refund will be deducted from your line of credit balance. Depending on how you send the return, it can take up to 10 business days for the retailer to receive the package, then another seven to 12 business days before the refund is processed. (Source:


I've talked to stone berry a few times on the phone. Always respectful and nice. U get what you give in life most often. Now I have enjoyed my products. I do have to say that I like the rugs. Don't buy them if u have any OCD tendencies, like me. They are not straight or even, beautiful still but it does bother me at times... but lots of companies are dealing with the same manufacturers so no biggie. I do love the bedroom rugs I bought even the OCD thing kinda throws me at times. Otherwise, customer service has been great!

Given the fact, I can't log in, can't reset my password, and am on infinite hold on the phone with them, I'm surprised they got as high a rating as 1.6 stars!. AND I'm a new customer who hasn't even ordered anything yet. Given that fact, maybe all this hassle is a "Blessing in Disguise!". They qualified me for 750 bux credit upfront BUT I don't believe I'll get to "use it" Stoneberry was given how P=Poor your web and phone service are so BAD! (Source: www.sitejabber.com)


The Shopping Channel always puts hot deals on the website, and it also allows you to shop by department and shop by brand. The interface is easy to navigate, and it will enable the user to interact with the graphical representation of products easily. There is also a small contact detail module that elaborates on the functionalities and qualities of that product, including brand promotion.

www.topbestalternatives.com)Zebit is the only platform that enables you to surf the site and shop for up to 2500 dollar interest-free credits. It returns the amount in any way the user wants. The best feature of the site is that it includes several interactive modules, a great encryption layer for easy and safe usage, a newsletter feature that send email to your address about different schemes and options, and more. (Source:


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