A South of the Border"

A South of the Border"

South of the Border

The odds are not in my favor, but that is nothing new. . . I have been skinny, chubby, hippie, and punk, with a ton of piercings and a short, dark, curly moustache and goatee. Who I am is anyone's guess.



Julia Bailey: [0:40] When I was younger, South of the Border, we used to come here. Actually to play put put with my relatives and it was right over there where the aligator adventure is. And Allan Shaffer had it to begin with. It started from a hot dog stand and then he started putting more into it. He got the company, the Blooming Ginger Ale. Just kinda expanded from there. Right now, his grandson owns it and what he is doing now is renovating it and also putting in a dirt bike track. Probably about six years ago and it's actually for sports, semi-professional I think. But that's all that I really know about it. Actually this restaurant used to be the hotel office. That's why it's circle, because the cars would actually pull up where the dining area is. The actual office itself would have been our kitchen. And that was the original office.

Richard Schafer: [1:50] South of the Border was a offshoot of another company that my father owned and my grandfather owned. In Little Rock we had a beer distribution company called Schafer Distributing Company. [2:05] And it started in 1933, we worked over half the state of South Carolina in the end. The name South of the Border came from the United States Postal Service. He was getting mail, Alan Schafer, south of the North Carolina border. So at that point in time, so much of it came that way he finally just renamed the business, South of the Border. Well he grew from that, the beer joint as I called it, he had to have a restaurant added and have to have food to have on premise service. And the business just started growing from that because of tourism. (Source: museumonmainstreet.org)


South of the Border is an attraction on Interstate 95 (I-95), US Highway 301 (US 301) and US 501 in Hamer, South Carolina, just south of Rowland, North Carolina. It is so named because it is just south of the border between North Carolina and South Carolina, and was the half way point to Florida from New York in the early days of motor travel. The area is themed in faux-Mexican style. The rest area contains restaurants, gas stations, a video arcade, motel, truck stop, a small amusement park, a mini golf course, shopping, fireworks stores, and a motocross training complex. Its mascot is Pedro, a caricature of a Mexican bandido. South of the Border is known for its roadside billboard advertisements, which begin many miles away from and incorporate a mileage countdown to the attraction itself. The stop has since fallen on hard times as more modern hotel areas have grown along I-95.

The entire motif of South of the Border can be described as intentionally campy. South of the Border is located at the intersection of I-95 and US 301/US 501 just south of the border between North Carolina and South Carolina. The site is a 350-acre (140 ha) compound that contains a miniature golf course, truck stop, 300-room motel, multiple souvenir shops, a campground, multiple restaurants, amusement rides, and a 200-foot (61 m) observation tower with a sombrero shaped observation deck. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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