A social media manager resume example"

A social media manager resume example"

Social Media Manager Resume Example

After you've prepared for a few interviews, your resume will gain traction in the market. Keep your resume well-written, professional and properly formatted to look great on paper.



Show them the money. Anyone, except your closest relatives [strange, right], can set up a Twitter or Facebook account. But people who can use SMM skills to bring business money are in a league of their own. So don’t even consider bragging about completing 14-day SMM courses. Go and help some local businesses to launch a Facebook campaign. Apply for Fiverr gigs. Find some clients for your uncle’s flower business through Instagram. Weave real business outcomes into a resume, use bold text andaction verbs to emphasize these results, and get that job you’re after.

resume.io)You are used to beating the social algorithms. Now it is time to hone your resume to beat the job search algorithm. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) act as online screening tools by analyzing resumes for keywords. Each section of your resume has a certain number of terms relevant to the employer, the hiring manager and the job application. Applicants who understand how an ATS works have an actual chance of delivering their resume to human eyes, so the recruiters can see and evaluate them. (Source:


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Use the resume summary to show off your human side. Just as a list of keywords would never work as a social post, it’s imperative that your resume summary makes the prospective employer feel something. If you can’t achieve that in those first few resume lines, how will you persuade recruiters of your ability to craft social media content that stands out from the masses? The best social media managers are not afraid to show the humanity and humility of their brands. Make sure you do that in your resume summary section. (Source: resume.io)



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