A Rush Foot

A Rush Foot

Rush Foot

”I love to dance and exercise,” said Jay, a dancer and the marketing manager at a Chicago dance studio”.With upper and lower struts from Flexeon, the RUSH foot carves out superior engineering and delivers the most realistic and responsive foot and ankle motion available on the market today. With three times more flexibility than most conventional prosthetic feet, comfort and ease of motion are dramatically increased. Biologic foot and ankle treatment: As part of conservative treatment, Rush offers biologic therapies like platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which can help you heal faster and avoid surgery for certain foot and ankle problems — such as Achilles tendon injury, plantar fasciitis, cartilage issues and arthritis. Total ankle replacement focus: Ankle fusion effectively relieves pain but can result in loss of function. We have expertise with total ankle replacement surgery — Rush doctors were among the first in Illinois to perform it — as an alternative to fusion. Ankle replacement can both relieve your pain and restore range of motion to help you return to a more active life.


Moving foot and ankle care forward: At Rush, foot and ankle care is deeply informed by research, so you can be sure you're getting the most innovative, effective and safe care available. Our experts are committed to advancing care for Achilles tendon injuries, arthritis, bunions and a variety of other conditions. This includes minimally invasive procedures to get you out of the hospital and back to activity sooner, with better function. We also offer clinical trials that give you early access to the latest tests, procedures and pain management protocols. Standing CT scans for better surgical results: Rush University Medical Center was the first academic medical center in Illinois to perform standing CT scans. Being able to take images of the foot while you are standing gives us a more accurate picture of how your foot is aligned when you are putting weight on it. Using that information to plan your surgery and evaluate how you are recovering helps you achieve a better long-term outcome.

New from Ability Dynamics is the Rush foot. The foot is made of a new composite fiber material, Flexeon, which is three times more flexible than carbon-fiber materials used in conventional prosthetic feet. The foot is designed for amputees with K3 and K4 activity levels, with a full rocker sole for above-knee amputees and a half rocker sole for below-knee amputees. The rStep connection between the upper and lower components creates a signature r-shape that propels each step. From midstance through terminal stance and toe off, the open design allows the forefoot and toe to flex in a natural way. Lower Extremity Review or LER Magazine fills the lower extremity injury information gap for lower extremity practitioners in the fields of lower limb orthotics, lower limb prosthetics, lower limb O&P, podiatry, pedorthic, lower extremity physical therapy, foot and ankle, pediatric, sports medicine, orthopedic and athletic trainer markets interested in prefabricated and custom ankle and knee bracing, ACL, off-the-shelf and custom ligament knee bracing, osteoarthritis knee bracing, insoles, full contact diabetic foot inserts, orthotic materials, multi-density inserts, dual density insoles, custom foot orthotics, night splints, standard and hinged AFOs, diabetic footwear, diabetic socks, pressure measurement, sports medicine, neuromuscular disorders, stroke, drop foot, PTTD, flat foot, rehabilitation and biomechanics. LER Magazine bridges the gap between lower extremity foot orthotics, custom and prefabricated ankle and knee bracing, diabetic custom foot orthotics and diabetic foot wear, shoe manufacturers and lower extremity central fabricators with lower extremity practitioners by providing: (Source: lermagazine.com)



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