A Robin One Piece"

A Robin One Piece"

Robin One Piece

Injuries are common among athletes, but they can often keep them from reaching their potential. This is especially true in a world where cameras capture everything. Robin One Piece is a novel idea to protect the most vulnerable joints in the body.

One Piece


In the series, Robin is introduced as an antagonist, but eventually becomes the seventh member of the Straw Hat Pirates crew, captained by Monkey D. Luffy. Acting as the group's archaeologist and historian, Robin is a Devil Fruit user who possess the power of the Flower-Flower Fruit, allowing her to sprout replicas of her limbs, and later her entire body, from any surface. As the only survivor of the island of Ohara, Robin is the only known living person in the world of One Piece with the ability to read the ancient stones called Poneglyphs, something considered threatening by the World Government, which forbids the practice.

myanimelist.net)Robin is the seventh member of Straw Hat's Crew. She had a bounty of 79 million beri (One Piece currency) since she was eight years old, during an incident in which she supposedly destroyed six Buster Call ships through the use of the powers she gained by the eating the Hana Hana no Mi (Flower Flower or Blooming Blooming Fruit). The fruit's power enables her to conjure up multiple replicas of her body parts (most often her arms) upon any surface she is able to see making her very powerful and dexterous as a result. (Source:


Adventurer Archaeologist, ex-Dragon, and Ms. Exposition, Nico Robin is one of the darker and more enigmatic members of the Straw Hats. Entering the story as the partner of Big Bad Mister 0/Sir Crocodile under the alias Miss All Sunday, Robin asked to join the crew because Luffy had forced her to live, rather than die. Despite some initial mistrust, she gradually settled into the crew. Since those early uncertain days, she's become something of the crew's Team Mom, and occasionally plays the role of Cool Big Sis for Nami. Her Devil Fruit, the Flower-Flower Fruit (Hana Hana no Mi), lets her sprout replicas of her limbs, and later her entire body, from any surface. She is twenty-eight years old (thirty post-Time Skip).

Antagonist Abilities: Introduced as morally ambiguous, Robin's powers make her an efficient Long-Range Fighter who can easily cripple her opponents with virtually no opportunity for resistance, with little action needed from her end. Now that she's a protagonist, her abilities are kept in check by either not giving her too many fights or somehow handicapping her when she has the opportunity. Unlike the rest of the crew, Robin tends to avoid fighting or using her ability at all unless she's forced to, which gives her several advantages, mainly that of ambiguity, as because she doesn't fight, no one can properly gauge her strengths or weaknesses. It's also implied that she mostly developed killing techniques during her time abroad and in Baroque Works, and there's an unwritten rule among the Straw Hats not to kill their opponents. (Source: tvtropes.org)



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