A Resume Typing

A Resume Typing

Resume Typing

In this video, YouTuber Benedicta shares how she got a job at Google with a typing resume.



Typing is a useful skill that is applicable to many different jobs. Having excellent typing skills allows you to communicate more efficiently and accurately convey written information. If you are applying for jobs that require regular typing, it helps to create a resume that highlights your typing skills. In this article, we explain how to include your typing skills on your resume with a template and example.

Typing skills are important because many different jobs and industries seek employees with proficient typing abilities. For example, if you're applying for administrative or data entry jobs, typing is an especially important skill to have and highlight on your resume. These skills are also relevant to other jobs in which you need to translate documents or convey information to your coworkers quickly and accurately. Including typing skills on your resume shows employers that you are capable of correctly entering information and typing documents at a proficient speed. (Source: www.indeed.com)


There are different online assessments you can take to determine your typing speed, and you can even receive a downloadable certification from some. Typing tests determine your average speed (calculated as WPM) by taking into account how fast and accurately you type. If your typing speed isn't as high as you would like, you can take these tests multiple times to improve. You can then use your best score on your resume.

Also, consider what skills you have that are related to typing. Many jobs that require excellent typing skills utilize data entry programs such as Microsoft Excel, so if you have experience using these programs, include that on your resume, too. This will show employers that in addition to your writing speed, you're proficient with these programs, which makes you a great candidate. (Source: www.indeed.com)



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