A Resume References Upon Request

A Resume References Upon Request


Resume References Upon Request

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average worker will change jobs 7. 5 times. If you’re looking for the perfect job, you need to have a resume that reflects you at your best. And references to prove it. And luckily, starting a conversation about offering references is easy with this new approach.



It is a good idea to create a list of resume references from previous employers of who could vouch for your talents and experience. But you shouldn’t include the list on your resume (unless it’s specifically requested), because you want to know when your references will be contacted. Your references wouldn’t appreciate their contact information being on every resume you send to hundreds of employers. I know I wouldn’t.

Candidates might include "References available upon request." on their resume so that they know when an employer wants to contact their references. This gives them the opportunity to reach out to their contacts and inform them of an employer potentially reaching out to them. Although this is sound reasoning, it's actually unnecessary to include this phrase. Hiring managers already know that they can request references. Including this phrase can take up precious space on your resume, especially if an employer hasn't requested references yet. (Source: www.indeed.com)


The only time you should include a reference page with your resume is if the listing specifically asks for one. You will find that most jobs don’t; however, always double-check the instructions as to what the employer wants you to submit. Usually if an employer is asking for references on a job application, you should submit the information as a separate document. When asking for a reference, always provide the opportunity to decline. While most are happy to help colleagues with references and recommendations, there may be circumstances unknown to you preventing them from doing so. And, even if all of your references are happy to be on your list, it’s a good idea to provide a heads-up that someone may be reaching out to ask about you.

If you’ve ever created an online dating profile, you know that you don’t just say that you’re nice and funny—you craft a fun, witty profile that shows it. Same goes for your resume objective. It’s much more effective to list activities or accomplishments that portray your good qualities in action rather than to simply claim to have them. (Source: www.themuse.com)


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