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A Resume Link


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There's no such thing as the perfect resume - feedback is important, after all. But take some time to make sure your resume will win back the recruiter's eye. And if you're lucky, be sure to have someone edit your resume for you!



In addition to quickly creating your dream resume you can also draft the perfect Cover Letter to accompany it in just minutes. Choose from one of our professionally designed cover letter templates and take your application to the next level in no time. We offer 18 innovative and fresh Cover Letter Templates that have been carefully designed to match and compliment your resume. Achieving a winning and cohesive Resume and Cover Letter combo has truly never been easier! Simply look for the drop-down “Cover Letter” tab on our main page @ Resume.io and follow the easy steps to have your Cover Letter finished today.

Google Drive is a good (and free) choice for storing your resume and cover letters online. Google Drive is an organizational system in which you can create, upload, edit, and save documents. You can upload files from your desktop, create new documents using Google Docs (Google's word processing app), and edit and view files from your computer or smartphone. You can also share your documents with others. (Source: www.thebalancecareers.com)


As one of the users of ResumeLink, I found it more convenient to use and digitally impressive because it matches our needs when it comes to searching for a job. What I like most about ResumeLink is the Portfolio Section because you can highlight your skills by uploading samples of your work. That is why I recommend ResumeLink of Jobs180.com for all millennial students like me.

URLs or hyperlinks: The first thing to consider when debating the addition of links to your resume is whether to use the URLs themselves or make them into hyperlinks. Hyperlinks definitely look better on the page but in some cases they defeat the purpose. For example, electronic resume readers used by big organizations generally convert everything to plain text, so your hyperlinks will be null and void by the time a hiring manager sees the resume. Also, some managers like to print out the resumes they receive electronically and view them on paper, which also cancels out the usefulness of a hyperlink. URLs may not look as nice, but they will remain in intact no matter how the manager views the resume. Of course, really long URLs are fairly useless, because very few people will bother to type in a long string of characters to see where they might take them. (Source: www.aarc.org)



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