A Rc Willey

A Rc Willey

Rc Willey

Rc Willey is a leading retailer headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company has stores around the country as well as some European locations. Customers can find furniture, mattresses, appliances, décor, and more.



At RC Willey, we know how important it is to make your house a “home.” Let us be your one-stop shopping location. We have five locations in Utah – Draper, Salt Lake City, Riverdale, Layton and the Orem Mall; two locations in Las Vegas – Henderson and Summerlin; two locations in Sacramento – Rocklin and near Elk Grove (Delta Shores); and locations in Reno and Boise. Every RC Willey professional works tirelessly to ensure you are completely satisfied with your experience and purchases. RC Willey offers easy furniture financing with simple payment plans. Apply online and use your RC Willey credit to purchase new furniture, flooring, mattresses or anything else in our store. Consider signing up for RC Willey Blue Rewards . . . only $79 for one year. Benefits include special Rebates, Extended Warranties, Free Delivery for an entire year, free next-day Express Delivery on purchases with a RC Willey Payment Plan on select products, and Special "Member Only" Offers.

In 1932 Rufus Call Willey began selling Hotpoint Brand appliances door-to-door in Syracuse, Utah. Employed by the local electric company, he first started selling appliances from the back of his red pick-up truck on the side as he made his rounds. To guarantee customer satisfaction, Willey would lend out appliances for a week so that people could try them out. He also let them finance the purchases in installments over a three-year period, payable at harvest time. In 1950 he built his first store next door to his home in Syracuse. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


As of now, starting on delivery you’ll make $21 an hour. After the training period, they’ll move you over to piece rate, where you’ll get commissioned per piece that you deliver and set up. There are delivery drivers at RC willey who make upwards of 6 figures in a year, and there are delivery drivers who struggle to clear 60,000. This gap in pay is dependent on many factors; politics and favoritism to name a few, as well as seniority and work ethic. Starting out fresh after training you’ll need to find a partner, and if word gets around that you’re slow or don’t have high strength, you will simply not get put out on routes. This will leave you at the warehouse as an extra, and you’ll be tasked with mostly janitorial duties while making $14 an hour. I’ve seen this happen to many new guys. If you’re young, strong, and not injury prone with a good work ethic, you’ll have no issue making $300 a day within a few months. All being said, the job is solid, and it will provide you with a CDL, which will take you very far in this age. Just don’t expect to have much of a life outside of work, as the hours can get brutal and 6 day work weeks are regular.

While other brick & mortar retailers are closing their doors, RC Willey is strategically expanding throughout the Western United States. We attribute this success to excellent employees, a proven business plan that has succeeded for over 85 years, and most importantly, excellent customer experience. We celebrate diversity in our stores and want our employees to mirror our amazing customers who choose to shop with us. Please take a moment to browse our career opportunities. We look forward to meeting you! http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQgHH (Source: www.glassdoor.com)


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