A Randalls

A Randalls


Randalls operates 32 supermarkets in Texas under the Randalls and Flagship Randalls banners. The chain consists of 13 stores located around the Houston area and 15 stores located around the Austin area as of May 2020.



Following the closures Randalls/Tom Thumb operated 62 stores in Dallas, 36 in Houston and 14 in Austin. Safeway said the move would revitalize the Texas division and that it planned to remodel stores to fit its nationally implemented "Lifestyle" format and introduce proprietary products. The new Lifestyle format features an expanded selection of perishables and a number of unique offerings, including a large selection of natural and organic foods, full-service meat counters, full-service bakeries and floral design centers, as well as sushi bars and olive bars. As a result of intense competition in Randalls operating markets, the "Lifestyle" format stores are Safeway's response in an attempt to recover lost market share. In Houston, market share fell to 6.9% in 2006.

There are others that I haven’t mentioned. What makes a great store to shop besides reliable products and cost factor are the employees! Each and everyone I have listed have been helpful to me. They have made my shopping experience feel like I’m at home. I know that might sound strange. But would you like to shop at a store you fell at home or a place that you can’t wait to get out of. I like the products Randalls offers. Several things are no longer on the shelves but I’m hoping they will return. If Randalls would train all new employees how to sack groceries, that would be very positive. I do 98% of my shopping at Randalls. Have a great day! Following this, the 44 Randalls stores were re-aligned with the southern Louisiana and Florida Albertsons stores as the new "Houston" division of the company. The Tom Thumb stores were re-aligned with the North Texas Albertsons stores in the Southern division, effectively ending the connection between the two grocery chains. In November 2016, a store opened in Leander, Texas. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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