A Punctual Resume

A Punctual Resume

A Punctual Resume

Are you struggling to find an employer who’s looking for your specific skill set? Perhaps you already have the perfect resume, but are stumped by what to add or change? You might be able to improve your chances of finding employment by sending in a punctual resume.



How to make a resume more attractive? That's easy—its by having a comprehensive and effective resume format. That resume of yours might just be your ticket for that dream job! Create a clear and concise layout and structure for your resume. To achieve this, use simple yet professional looking fonts (e.g. Helvetica or Calibri) and limit your font sizes between 11-12 this makes your resume less cluttered and more pleasing to the eyes. Using bold/italic font styles can help guide your potential employer's eyes in reading your resume. The use of shapes and graphics will help highlight the key parts of your resume. Lastly, headings and subheadings will give your resume a logical format that further emphasizes the key parts of your cover letter.

Make no mistake, the soft skills on your resume can be of as much interest to a hiring manager as the technical skills you offer. Smart managers know that an experienced, highly trained new hire who doesn’t fit into the office culture, communicates poorly with clients and colleagues, or freezes under deadline pressures can take a heavy toll on the workplace. Your resume — and, later, how you present at the interview — should assure the employer that you not only can do the job, but you’ll help the team thrive. (Source: www.roberthalf.com)

While being punctual is a desired quality in the workplace, the reality is you’re going to be late at least a couple of times in your professional life. Whether you get held up by traffic, a meeting runs overtime or you have an unexpected family matter to deal with, being late can sometimes be out of your control. When this happens, notify your manager or those you’re meeting with, and apologise for the inconvenience. Explain what held you up and give an estimate of how long you think you’ll be. Commit to being punctual next time, and show them that no matter what delays you, you’re still capable of demonstrating professionalism.

There are a range of apps and programs designed to help you manage tasks and be more punctual. Try Rescue Time, Remember the Milk, Wunderlist and Time Doctor to develop customised time management systems and schedules for you and your team members. Most apps are available across devices so content and notifications can be accessed anywhere. While apps are valuable resources, ensure that tasks and notes are consolidated in one place so that nothing is missed, and you can see a true representation of the day, week or month ahead in a single program. (Source: www.roberthalf.com.au)


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