A Public Servant Resume

A Public Servant Resume

A Public Servant Resume

As a public servant, your resume is already a hot commodity among government recruiters. So don’t ruin it! Follow these 8 rules for a resume that turns heads and rocks the interview.



A public service resume allows you to apply for an open position in a public service role. A potential employer uses submitted resumes to assess the qualifications and value provided by candidates for the position. It is important to format your resume correctly in order to provide a professional appearance when applying to a public service position. In this article, we discuss what a public service resume is and how to write your own, along with a template and guide to help you create your public service resume.

www.indeed.com)Including a profile summary allows you to provide a one-paragraph overview of your most appealing attributes when applying for a public service position. Pay increased attention to any experience or skills you possess mentioned in the job listing and include a sentence explaining your goals by applying for the position. This shows the hiring professional reading your resume who you are and what your aspirations are before you expand on your qualifications with the rest of the resume. (Source:


Once you have familiarized yourself with the expectations, you can begin creating or tailoring your resume. Your resume for state government should include the same sections you are likely already familiar with such as education, work experience, and relevant skills. Where state resumes differ is that they often look for much more detail. Instructions for state government resumes may ask you to list every job you’ve held to aid them in their background investigation. Stick to any page or length limits explicitly mentioned in the job posting, but otherwise, state government resumes should be focused more on content than length.

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