A Professional Highlights Resume Examples

A Professional Highlights Resume Examples

A Professional Highlights Resume Examples

Pro grad more useful advice leave unmistakable professional highlights of your resume on professional highlights resume examples.



Beginning/Early College Resume: If you are still using a resume from high school, you will likely need to make some significant edits. While high school resumes are usually lists of activities, college/professional resumes focus more on related experience, coursework and transferable skills. If you haven’t yet participated in an internship or other experience related to your career field of interest, consider going into greater detail about related courses, academic, volunteer experiences and/or leadership opportunities. The following example showcases the student’s project experience from a campus program as well as on-campus leadership experience. VIEW EXAMPLE 1 / VIEW EXAMPLE 2

If an employer is looking for a graphic designer with mastery in Adobe Creative Suite, for example, you wouldn’t just claim “experience with software for creative professionals.” List the software by name, give your expertise level, and — if you have it — highlight your Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification. Likewise, if an employer is searching for an accountant with “experience processing daily invoices and credit,” then use similar language in your resume. Simply listing “gathering receipts” as a duty won’t likely score well with an ATS. (Source: www.roberthalf.com)


Alter the Summary or Profile: You don't really need to revamp your whole resume to make it focused for a specific position. Now and again a couple of little updates in key segments of your resume can have an amazing effect in characterizing your qualities. The initial step is to audit the set of working responsibilities cautiously with the goal that you can make sure the position is a decent counterpart for you, and know which characteristics and aptitudes to underline on your resume. The most straightforward approach to focus on your resume (without modifying the entire resume) is to incorporate a Resume Summary of Qualifications, a Profile or Career Highlights segment at the highest point of your resume. Survey the set of working responsibilities and after that audit your resume. Take the experience, certifications, and training that best match the activity posting and incorporate them in the Summary of Qualifications segment at the highest point of your resume. At that point list your involvement in turn around sequential request, much the same as you would on a customary resume.

For health students, you will want to highlight your related experience, which may include clinical experience and/or volunteer experience in the local community. You should also connect with the Reed-Yorke Health Professions Advising Office on campus to better understand the application process to premed and allied health graduate programs. The following example may give you some ideas for how to share this experience on your resume. VIEW HEALTH EXAMPLE (Source: careers.umd.edu)



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