A Production Assistant Resume Examples

A Production Assistant Resume Examples

Production Assistant Resume Examples

So you're considering a production assistant career? Below, you can see a few production assistant resume examples. These production assistant resume examples should give you a good idea of what a production assistant's duties are, and also assist you in crafting yours.



A freelance production assistant should not only be physically strong and energetic but they also have to demonstrate certain skill sets like proven work experience, computer savvy, and familiarity with related terminologies. Though no formal education is considered mandatory for this post, those seeking to become a Freelance Production assistant should hold a valid driving license.

Production Assistants (PAs) are indispensable members of TV or Film production team. They do numerous tasks such as preparing coffee, photocopying scripts, distributing call sheets or driving around the city to source items needed for production. Their working hours are spent running errands that nobody else wants to do and following orders without complaints. PAs work is considered the boot camp of film and TV industry but our Production Assistant resume sample can open the door for you in this career. (Source: www.resumeok.com)


One can become a production assistant without a college degree, however, an applicant with Bachelor’s Degree or Undergraduate degree programs in Film, Broadcasting, and Communications has a higher chance of getting hired. Hiring managers focus more on the applicant’s work experience, write only the essential information. If you are a college graduate of a film related course, include details on your internships in LA-based companies. This will make your resume sparkle. (Source:

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