A Ppl Electric

A Ppl Electric

Ppl Electric

We decided to merge our business with Ppl Electric, an existing company housed in the same building.



PPL Electric Utilities provides electricity distribution and transmission services to about 1.4 million customers in central and eastern Pennsylvania and consistently ranks among the best companies for customer satisfaction in the U.S. The company maintains more than 48,000 miles of power lines and is an industry leader in using automated power restoration technology to strengthen reliability.

www.maketheswitchusa.com)PPL Electric (which was originally known as Pennsylvania Power and Light, or PP&L), serves 29 counties and 1.4 million customers across central and eastern Pennsylvania. To meet this demand, PPL maintains 48,000 miles of electric lines. And while they’ve been a leader in the energy field for the last three decades, they continue to lead as they invest $30 billion into new infrastructure and new technologies that will serve their customers even better in the future. (Source:


For instance, the current PPL Electric Utilities price to compare for residential customers (RS rate class) is $0.09502/kWh (effective 12/1/2021 through 5/31/2022). The commercial (GS1 rate class) price to compare in PPL Electric Utilities is $0.010285/kWh (effective 12/1/2021 through 5/31/2022). If you are a commercial meter that uses over 100 kW in demand, you may likely be on real-time pricing with PPL. To review your rate class and current rate, please contact our energy experts to discuss at 800-225-3813.

PPL Electric Utilities (originally Pennsylvania Power & Light) serves over 1.4 million Pennsylvanians in 29 counties. They maintain over 50,000 miles of power lines in the state, and they’ve also earned awards from J.D. Power and Associates for their committed service to residents and business owners. PPL Electric Utilities has been in business since 1920, and with 100 years of experience, they have the skills to maintain electricity to neighborhoods in central and eastern Pennsylvania. (Source: energypricing.com)


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