A Perennial Flowers on Sale Near Me.

A Perennial Flowers on Sale Near Me.

A Perennial Flowers on Sale Near Me

Passiflora is a climber with one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. It comes in many colors including various shades of blue, purple, white, pink, red etc. Some varieties are native to Pakistan. Not all varieties are fragrant. The most fragrant in my experience is called “Incense”, its other name is “Sensation”. Both of these are of same parentage but breeder is different. It flowers off and on from March to November in Lahore. It is a bit invasive and becomes woody. Below picture of Passiflora Incense is taken from my terrace garden.



Gardenia needs acidic soil and specific day/night temperature to flower. It is shallow rooted shrub and some varieties form tree. It grows well in semi shade in hot climates like Lahore. New varieties give flowers off and on whole summer while old varieties flower in spring (and sometimes in autumn) only. Flower shape varies from single to semi double to full double. Most common in gardenia jasminoides also called gardenia augusta. Latest trend in Gardenia is gardenias grafted onto rootstock of Gardenia thunbergia. Find below a picture of Gardenia Taitensis “Heaven’s scent” from my container garden.There are many varieties and colors of Jasmine climber. The national flower of Pakistan is Jasminmum officianale also called as Poet’s Jasmine. It is little different than Jasminum grandiflorum. There are at least 10 fragrant varieties of Jasmine climber which i know of, and at least 5 of them are easily available here at least in Lahore, Pakistan. Those which i tried and grow well here include Jasmine officinale (common chambeli), Jasminum grandiflorum, Jasminum Azoricum (Joohi), Jasmimum nitidium, Jasminum plyanthum (Winter pink jasmine). All of these are available locally with some effort.

Magnolias are mostly tree and some form small and medium shrubs. Generally speaking, magnolia does not like temperature extremes. It likes the temperature to be mild, neither too cold, nor too hot. But mostly it thrives in warm temperature. Magnolias are either deciduous (Stellata,soulangeana etc) or evergreen like grandiflora, alba, champaca, figo etc. In cold areas, champaca or grandiflora might shed leaves in winter but they are flower in warm months. Deciduous varieties give flowers in winter or spring before leaves emerge. Magnolias do not like direct strong sun so they are grown mostly in semi shade. They specially hate the afternoon sun in Lahore where summer temperature remains above 100 F for few months. They like grow even in bright shade as well but not in total shade. They are good container plants because they have shallow roots and they are slo growing so can be kept in pots for many many years. In my experience, evergreen varieties do very well in hot climates. I have been growing champaca, alba, figo successfully some some time now. I also got some deciduous ones like stellata and soulangeana recently and hope they will do well here too. (Source: www.lahoregardening.com)


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