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Peet's Coffee

Peet’s Coffee is a specialty coffee shop, roaster, and cafe based in Berkeley, California. It began in 1995 when three friends, Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Nigel Vervoort, opened a small cafe as a place where they could do business and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.


Peet's donated $250,000 to the University of California, Davis to launch Coffee Center, a research hub dedicated to a multidisciplinary study of coffee, in September 2016. UC Davis is the first university in the world to dedicate a rigorous academic focus to post-harvest coffee. The program worked with the Specialty Coffee Association of America to get prospective graduates access to grants and fellowships.

Peet's was one of the first coffee bean and brewed coffee retailers to offer specialty grade coffee, and to roast the beans longer, producing a liquor that is darker, more bitter, with less of the sour taste of the coffees offered in the US at the time. Peet's is commonly regarded as one of the founding businesses in the gourmet coffee trade. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


The app is so buggy! I can not reload my balance in the app (only in person) which the barista said happens to some app holders and we don’t know why- I’ve deleted and reloaded the app as well as tried multiple cards over the past year. The app often won’t let me order ahead as it says my owed balance doesn’t agree to the amount I selected to pay, but I don’t select the amount to pay - the app just has a single button to buy - so I don’t know how it can’t match. Finally, I often can’t apply promotions which I should be able to - for example today it told me a promotion for a free drink if you order ahead was invalid; however, I was ordering ahead in the app for pickup so I can’t imagine why it was invalid, I had two 1lb bags of coffee beans in my order.

I was hesitant to get da APP @ first. It took me a wee bit to grasp the concept and why I should get da APP. All it took was a super long line during an off time (not my regular time). I waited for ever. I nabbed da APP during the visit. The next time I ordered as I parked and waited less than two minutes to get my coffee. Lovely ❤️🙏🎯 I started getting points, rewards, discounts etc. Overall if you’re a Peets regular, I would humbly say nab da APP, it will be worth your time 100% My name is Jay and I stand by this message. One last thing, very important!!! Just cause you use da APP, one shouldn’t be called a Peetnik. Only if you’re an employee of Peets Coffee should you be called a Peetnik. They earn that each and every day so to belittle it is no bueno. Blessings to you and yours, stay positive 🙏 (Source: apps.apple.com)


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