A Panera Bread Near Me

A Panera Bread Near Me


Panera Bread Near Me

Picking places to eat with friends can be an ordeal. Are you picking places that will be interesting to the group? One stop will save you time and make your next meal a more pleasant experience. Keep reading to find a spot near you.



The new Panera Bread joins locations on the West Shore at the Camp Hill shopping in Camp Hill and in the nearby Silver Spring Square shopping center in Silver Spring Township. A new Panera Bread also recently opened on the East Shore at Susquehanna Union Green in Susquehanna Township. Another Panera Bread opened at the High Pointe Commons in Swatara Township in 2019.

5. We care about community. Our commitment to improving the lives of all individuals has led us to develop give-back programs that help individuals get ahead. Our Operation Dough-Nation® program ensures that every purchase at Panera Bread feeds back into the community. We are also proud to participate in the Script Fundraising program, helping non-profit organizations raise money by selling Panera Card® gift cards and keeping a percentage of the sales. (Source: www.indeed.com)


Our Fresh Dough Manufacturing Facility teams produce all of the bread, bagel and roll dough for our bakery-cafes so they can bake them fresh each and every day. By joining the manufacturing side of Panera, you play an essential role in what we do – baking great bread from fresh dough. (Source:

This team includes more than 1,600 Panera associates. We are proud to be a diverse team with 17 different languages spoken throughout our 22 manufacturing facilities. Since bread is our business and passion, our facilities operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days per year. Our delivery trucks travel more than 22 million miles annually to ensure fresh dough is delivered at our more than 1,900 bakery-cafes located in 45 states and Ontario, Canada. (Source: www.indeed.com)


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