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In addition to the various versions of the Moonwatch, the Speedmaster collection is home to a host of other interesting timepieces. For example, Omega marked the Speedmaster chronograph's 60th anniversary in 2017 by releasing the '57 Speedmaster chronograph. Unlike the Moonwatch with curved lugs, this model has the same straight lugs as the original from 1957. Omega has limited this classic 38.6-mm timepiece to a run of 3,557 pieces. Prices range from 7,600 to 8,700 USD.

The latest in the Omega Seamaster collection is the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial, an antimagnetic watch like none other with a Master Chronometer designation from METAS. While their watches have faced challenges in the ocean’s depths as well as in outer space, the watch industry has faced a more ruthless challenge much closer to home. Electromagnetic fields or EMFs are in every household and everywhere we go. Consumer electronics, smartphones, speakers, electric powered devices and gadgets are literally surrounding us with EMFs, the invisible magnetic fields that threaten the precision of mechanical watches every day. No longer have to push the boundaries in ocean and space exploration to put our watches at risk. Even when the watch is no longer exposed to the electromagnetic fields, the effects of being exposed still remains and could permanently damage the integrity of the watch movement. Unlike other watch brands that rely on a protective container inside the watch case, Omega utilizes special non-ferromagnetic materials inside the actual movement giving it impressive magnetic resistance. Omega uses Si14, an unconventional material for their balance spring; silicon, a non-magnetic material with incredible resilience and unmatched stability. (Source: www.prestigetime.com)


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