A Objective for Resume Data Entry

A Objective for Resume Data Entry

A Objective for Resume Data Entry

The objective you specify will provide the general area on your resume that you're seeking and should give the recruiter a quick idea of the kind of position you are pursuing. The specific job title you mention in the objective will have the most impact on the resume. You should mention the specific job title in the opening of the resume.


When applying for a data entry position, it's important to include a strong and compelling resume objective as part of your resume. A compelling resume objective may encourage hiring managers to continue reading your resume and may even give you a greater chance of getting an interview for the position. In this article, we explain what a data entry resume objective is, list the steps for writing this type of resume objective and provide you with examples and tips.

A data entry resume objective is a short statement that outlines your relevant skills and what you've accomplished in your career, as well as the position you're seeking with the company you're applying for. While it largely focuses on your skills, abilities and career goals, it also details the value and you'd provide to employers upon hire. Typically one or two sentences long, a data entry resume objective essentially gives hiring managers a glimpse of what they can expect to see on the rest of your resume. (Source: www.indeed.com)



Objective : Dedicated and energetic professional with a reputation for improving office productivity and creating positive changes to boast office morale, professional development, and employee satisfaction. Core competencies include: maintaining confidentiality, prioritizing, relationship building, customer service oriented, communication skills, contract negotiations, decision making and sound judgment, organization and planning skills, initiative and adaptability.

www.qwikresume.com)Objective : Highly successful and proficient at executing financial administration, reporting, and scheduling functions. Strong administration and quality leadership abilities, with expertise in directing teams of professionals in high-volume settings. Data entry accomplished at transposing large amounts of data with accuracy and speed. Systematic and organized, trained in databased systems management, using a variety of technology platforms. (Source:


A Data Entry Clerk will transfer the information from the paper documents into the company’s electronic database. Some of the roles and responsibilities that are mentioned on the Data Entry Clerk Resume are – typing into the computer system information taken from the paper documents, typing in data directly from customers, creating spreadsheets and storing large number of figures without mistakes, verifying data accuracy by comparing it with the source document, updating existing data, and performing regular back-ups to ensure data quality, safety and storage.

Hiring companies look out for the following skills on the resume – fast typing skills, ability to use the touch screen with utmost fluency, excellent knowledge of word processing tools and spreadsheets, working knowledge of office equipment and peripheral devices, and a basic understanding of databases. Employers don’t need more than a high school diploma for this role, however, proven work experience in the same cadre will be preferred. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)



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