A Nurse Injector Resume

A Nurse Injector Resume

A Nurse Injector Resume

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A nurse ensures quality care to patients, implements nursing care plan and performs duties in compliance with the hospital rules and regulations. Cosmetic nurses treat patients in the field of cosmetic medicine. They are trained professionals who administer Botox and other cosmetic drugs. They deal with patients having minor cosmetic problems like those whose faces are distorted or damaged since birth or through fatal accidents and injuries.

Dynamic nurse trainer combining five years of experience training nurses and physicians on product use for a medical-device manufacturer and four years of nursing experience within OR, ICU, NICU and OB/GYN practice areas. Elevate healthcare providers' knowledge while driving the achievement of business objectives. Training background includes experience within hands-on, classroom and one-and-one teaching environments. (Source: www.monster.com)


I love skin, beauty, and working with women and discovered the aesthetic nursing industry. It was a perfect fit! I reached out to numerous injectors in my area to get a better idea of the industry and YouTubed a ton of videos on aesthetic procedures. I immediately became hooked! I applied to various positions as an aesthetic nurse injector and, after a year, got a position in which I had to relocate. Hey, gotta do what it takes!

SC: Oh, yes, difficult indeed! It took about a year of constant interviewing, shadowing, and networking to finally find a job that was willing to train motivated injectors. I had to relocate to a different state for the position, but it was all totally worth it. Persistence is key at the end of the day! (Source: nurse.org)


SC: Not necessarily, just your nursing degree. I highly recommend investing in workshops such as Palette Resources or Aesthetic Medical Educators Training to get some exposure before entering the field. Yes, they’re costly but so worth the investment. Hint: this is also really good to put on a resume for future employers as it shows initiative on your end!

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