A Notre Dame Career Center Resume

A Notre Dame Career Center Resume

A Notre Dame Career Center Resume

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Several websites score a resume’s impact, keywords, and presentation. Their comments can help to improve first drafts. These are general evaluations, and sometimes the trade skills of occupations like Education or Nursing are not recognized in the score they generate. They also do not weave an individual’s strengths into the document. Make an appointment with Career Center staff to develop language for your strengths. Fees to use these sites may apply.

The Career Center at NDMU leverages the liberal arts to foster career readiness competencies. We engage the University’s network to infuse career education into academic and experiential learning to help you develop as a professional. This transformation begins the moment you arrive on campus and never stops. Continuous re-invention is the new reality and we’re here to help both students and alum navigate that process. (Source: www.ndm.edu)


Before crafting your RESUME, you need to understand its core purpose: to land you the job interview. Not the job itself, just the interview. A resume gives prospective employers an overview of your education, prior work experience, leadership/service activities, and technical skill set, among other items. Graduate Career Services works across college disciplines to provide opportunities (workshops, small group discussions, 1:1 appointments) to help you craft an individualized resume that will best represent you as you begin the strategic job search process. Keeping the end goal (landing the job interview) in mind will help keep your writing in check, minimizing the need to over-explain or otherwise dilute your message. The resume is simply a fact-sheet that showcases your skills and expertise as related to a particular position or technical area.

www.ndm.edu)Kylie came to the spring Career Fair prepared with high hopes of making a connection with potential employers, but didn't know just how big of an impact this one event would have. As a result of her networking that day, she landed an analyst position with the U.S. Department of Defense and she credits her success to her NDMU education. "The liberal arts foundation NDMU provides helped me develop as a whole person as well as an academic. It instilled a strong work ethic in me and I was prepared to do a lot of writing." Kylie also notes the close relationships with faculty and the mentoring she received during her four years as an important part of her career development. (Source:



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