A Nicki Minaj Twerk

A Nicki Minaj Twerk

Nicki Minaj Twerk

What do you do when you want to trick your world with ideas? This question is a metaphor for today's information age. The truth of ideas is that there is no way to trick and no way to trick the truth.


“That’s what I had to do!” Minaj said. “One time I was thinking like, you know, what if one of my best friends said the things that I say to myself. The people who love you don’t talk to you like that, do treat you like that, don’t say things like that to make you feel pain, but we do that to ourselves. Women, we do that to ourselves all the time over our bodies.”

))What do you think about this latest promotion tactic by Nicki? Do you find it distasteful, or do you think it’s a good way to promote a new record? Does this set a good example for all of the young people who look up to Nicki as an entertainment and business pNicki Minaj has something to say to all those who doubt her twerking skills and think she uses a body double in her videos, posting a clip of her shaking her booty for the world. (Source:rofessional?(Source: www.pinkvilla.com


The rapper honored the occasion with the only suitable response to such an historic moment by taking a quick break from her busy London itinerary to twerk it out. Nicki posted a video to her Instagram account, writing, “When u find out u just became the only woman in the history of billboard to have 76 Hot 100 billboard entries. 🤔👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅.” (Source:

Nicki Minaj isn't just your average female rapper! She's a rapper who isn't afraid to be herself, no matter what the haters may have to spout her way! The Barbz, as her loyal fan army is termed, is always by their idol's side as Nicki manages to thrill millions with her insanely gifted musical talent. While the singer had kickstarted retirement rumours in 2019, we will still very much be getting our fill of Nicki Minaj music to leave us satisfied and still, wanting for more. (Source: www.pinkvilla.com


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