A New Innovations

A New Innovations

New Innovations

New Innovations is a brand new mobile app for the iOS and Android that is designed for the busy GME Resident and MGB Fellow. Featuring a new journaling tool, unique user interface with entirely new navigational controls and a journal tab for each user. It also offers users a library of reporting and research citations, including Comparative Effectiveness Measure framework and Society of Thoracic Surgeons Guidelines.



Neuroscientists have worked for decades to better understand how the brain functions. Recent advances in brain mapping technology have made that ambitious task easier. An international team of researchers at the Human Brain Project have created a three dimensional atlas of the brain. The maps resolution is fifty times better than previous efforts. The atlas creators digitally stitched together thousands of brain cross-sections. The map shows details up to 20 micrometers in size—the estimated size of many human cells. While this is a huge advancement, scientists still aim to create a map that shows details at 1 or 2 micrometers, rather than 20.

The current infrastructure for collaborating in a professional environment can be counterproductive to getting work done. This problem is one that new apps like Quip aim to solve. The intent is to develop a system where every step of the collaboration process happens in the same digital space. It aims to create a more intimate experience by implementing chat features and a Facebook-style news feed, in turn creating a more collaborative experience. These new platforms aim to improve the efficiency and productivity of current workflows. (Source: www.brookings.edu)


The New Innovations mobile app is designed for graduate medical education (GME) Residents and Fellows, and undergraduate medical education (UME) students in today’s clinical learning environment. GME users can utilize Work Hours, Procedure Privileges, Procedure Logging, Evaluations and a QR code scanner for conference attendance tracking. UME users can also access Evaluations and the QR code scanner with more yet to come. Free from the constraint of returning to a desk or workstation, trainees can now engage with the key features of the New Innovations suite anywhere!

One barrier to mainstream use of renewables is integrating sustainable energy sources into the current power grid. Big data and artificial intelligence have made it easier to predict how much power wind turbines will produce. Anticipating power fluctuations is key to developing technologies for integrating wind and solar into the power grid. (Source: www.brookings.edu)



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