A Ncis Los Angeles Season 9

A Ncis Los Angeles Season 9

Ncis Los Angeles Season 9:


CBS has released the synopsis for the premiere of Ncis Los Angeles Season 9 that will air on Monday, September 24th.


When the daughter of a notorious counterfeiter arrives in Los Angeles, Sam is sent undercover as a financier, while Callen partners with Anna (Bar Paly) to track the family’s latest scheme. This was the last episode filmed during Season Eight. The showrunners for the series withheld presenting the episode until the beginning of the current season preferring to conclude Season Eight with Unleashed (episode). Originally slated for presentation on October 15, 2017 the showrunners elected to alter the presentation schedule so that this episode would premiere before Assets (episode) instead of the following week as originally planned.

I have seen only 3 episodes so far so may be jumping the gun here - I would always give NCIS LA 5 stars, but really! What's with the new Assistant Deputy Director! In scenes in which she appears, it does not even seem like NCIS LA! Give us a break! Granger was a pain in the neck when he first joined the team but he was a very realistic choice, in the end the team liked and respected him and the viewers were appreciating him. The team is as good as ever but someone is ruining the whole atmosphere and feel of the show. Hetty is a huge part of NCIS LA and I, from what we have seen so far, she will be back.

Fortunately, photos from the Season 10 premiere and a recent trailer proved that Callen, Sam, Kensi, and Deeks all survive the SUV explosion (although Hidoko's fate is still a mystery). The description of the premiere -- forebodingly called "To Live and Die in Mexico" -- states that Deeks will be unconscious in the episode, but we now know that he'll be far more injured than he would have been if he'd just taken a quick conk to the head that knocked him out of commission for a few scenes. He'll suffer a traumatic brain injury. At least we know there will be at one happy twist for Deeks in Season 10!

Being an ardent LA fan, I found the first four episodes disjointed. Moseley didn't get that wow factor. Her new sidekick did. OK when Grainger first joined the cast, I disliked him but it was his character. Then I just loved him and he will be sadly missed. So I will give Moseley more time. I can see where the storyline regarding Hetty is going and I just hope she reappears shortly. Will that mean Moseley will go into the background? I am already into my third disk and will be pining for series ten soon. Having now completed all the disks. I initially thought Mosley was miscast and irritating. Started to adjust her but (without spoiling the storylines) thought the last episode was the final straw and I was totally alien to her. I was bitterly disappointed also with Kensi's attitude. Let's hope dear Hetti reappears.



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