A Myvidster

A Myvidster


myvidster is a popular online video platform for sharing cool videos with friends. It has seen a rapid increase in sign-ups with over 15 million videos online, and is the source for nearly 50% of the world’s online video.


If you’re looking for an application that lets you find, save, and download videos from around the web, you should download MyVidster. The easy-to-use program lets you explore a range of video collections as well as popular content. While the app may slow down when used for a long time, it does offer a single place for all your favorite multimedia content. You can download the social sharing app for free, and use it to download or upload videos.

)Businesses and individuals can use the MyVidster app to reach out to more people. That is because MyVidster lets users upload video content and share it with other users. In case it goes viral, it’ll gain a large number of views. Brands can use the platform to promote products, applications, and software programs, while individuals can use it to increase their influence. (Source:


When you download and install the MyVidster APK on your Android device, you have the option to explore the app without having to sign up first. The app opens to a scrollable homepage that shows the most bookmarked videos on MyVidster. The interface has a footer with five buttons, including Home, User, Search, Settings, and More. (Source:

If you wish to create a public or private library of your favorite videos using MyVidster, you will need to log in using your email ID and password. Once done, you can easily bookmark videos that you like and share them with your friends. In case you’re interested in categorizing your bookmarks, you can create video collections of your own and add appropriate tags, so other users can find them as well. (Source:

MyVidster has quickly become one of the most popular YouTube downloading tools. The name MyVidster came from an online music magazine and is now registered at Google Play. This video sharing site has several different add on features that allow users to upload and share videos with other members. In this article I will go over the MyVidster membership process and review some of the more popular channels. (Source: filehippo.com)



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