A Moon Flower Hibiscus"

A Moon Flower Hibiscus"

Moon Flower Hibiscus

Aganorsa is a boutique cannabis company in Colorado that provides for the latest in cutting-edge extraction and processing technology. What sets them apart is the company's unmatched dedication to nuance. Their current strain of the exclusive Mount Rose iso-active has been hard to find outside of high-grade marijuana dispensaries and collectives. The earthy, woody taste, is said to trigger various effects of the body and mind. So why did they choose this particular flower? Because they are visionary.Eduardo Antonio Fernández Pujals, the owner of Agricola Ganadera Norteña S.A., came to Nicaragua in 1997 with a desire to get into agriculture. Over the last two decades, Aganorsa has been transformed from an unknown organization into a major force in the world of Nicaraguan tobacco. The company has built a clientele by growing tobacco in the old-fashioned Cuban style, using Cuban seeds and the oversight of well-seasoned agronomists from Cuba. Giant and boutique companies alike get tobacco from Aganorsa, but the operation also produces its own cigars, with brands like Aganorsa Leaf, Casa Fernandez, Guardian of the Farm and JFR. The premium cigar wing of Aganorsa was known as Casa Fernandez until 2018, when it changed to Aganorsa Leaf in order to align the company identity more closely with the Fernández family’s tobacco.



Even though I haven’t had one in quite some time, the shape of the AGANORSA Leaf Supreme Leaf immediately makes me think of a Twix bar, without the chocolate, of course. The wrapper leaf is a bit darker than true medium brown and has a bit of an oily seen to it, even though I don’t pick up much oiliness on my fingers. Veins are fairly typical in both size and number; noticeable but not distracting. The box press is done well and results in the firm, pillowy give that is synonymous with such vitolas, with neither the seams nor cap showing any ill effects. The foot has aromas of raisins and dates, backed by toast and touches of black pepper and in one sample a slightly herbal aromatic spice that I can’t place but makes me think of bay leaves or savory, though it’s been a long time since I’ve spent time near a proper spice rack. The cold draw is a bit brighter, shifting to white pepper and a green grape jelly, while the toast hangs around but now contends with a bit of graham cracker, and in that same cigar, a bit of an herbal taste.

The second third of the AGANORSA Leaf Supreme Leaf sees the flavor pivot and introduce a bit of nuttiness and baking spices, the latter mellow but noticeable. Compared to the start of the cigar, the flavor intensity has backed off yet it’s not necessarily any less flavorful with the shift to less pronounced flavors. Retrohales are still fairly pepper-forward, not overpowering but capable of delivering a hearty tingle to the nostrils. While I might be over-smoking the cigar a bit, I’m getting a touch of harshness emerging around the midpoint that tickles the back of the throat, though the consistency of that sensation across the three samples is a bit concerning. The final puffs of the second third see the flavor get a bit more vibrant, with some slower puffing helping ward off any irritation, though it’s still there. Creaminess, baking spices and some woodiness drive the profile into the final third, while technical performance has been good save for a wavy burn line. The flavor intensity is medium-plus, strength is at medium but I still think I’ll feel this more once I stand up, and body is medium-plus and quite enjoyable. (Source: halfwheel.com)


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