A Michael Strahan Teeth

A Michael Strahan Teeth

Michael Strahan Teeth

Jester made an excellent point during an interview on ESPN’s “First Take” this morning that, with all due respect to the parade of women who have come forward to report sexual harassment, that no one is saying anything about the media covering the Michael Strahan Teeth story for a long time.


In honor of April Fools' Day this year, Michael Strahan managed somehow to pull off the most unbelievable prank that anyone could’ve seen coming: filling in his iconic tooth gap. It was, indeed, a prank, but one that quickly spiraled down a viral rabbit hole. People actually believed the gap was gone for good. Almost a month later, the Good Morning America host opened up about the regrets he has for pulling off the one prank to rule them all. Apparently, Michael Strahan – a popular daytime talk show host and Pro Football Hall of Famer – didn’t anticipate that his fans would care about him and his most noticeable feature. Moreover, he didn’t think people would actually believe he had his gap filled in. But they did, and it inevitably had quite the polarizing effect among fans. When asked about the mishap on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Strahan said:

Michael Strahan must admit, though, that he put a lot of effort into a prank that he didn’t think fans would believe in the first place. The ex-NFL player had people filming him at his real-life dentist’s office in Manhattan getting the faux procedure done, days ahead of April Fools' Day. It was so believable, in fact, that his dentist reported how more than 100 people contacted him in the aftermath to get the Strahan special. (Source: www.cinemablend.com)


In a video posted to the GMA co-host’s social media, he addressed the fan reaction to his dentistry while wearing a mask, thanking them for their support over his signature gap. Strahan then pulls down the mask to reveal this “signature” look as he refers to it, saying, “April Fools’. C’mon man! The gap is here to say for a little while, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So, April Fools’ everybody.” Good Morning America‘s Michael Strahan is sporting a new look, but is it permanent? The co-host of ABC’s morning news program shared an interesting video on his social media pages Tuesday, March 30, in which he appears to go through a dental procedure to close his signature gap between his two front teeth. The video set the internet ablaze, but Strahan’s GMA coworkers are skeptical, as they discussed on the show on Wednesday, March 31. In fact, they think this could be some carefully crafted April Fools’ Day prank.

At the beginning of the video, Strahan notes to his dentist that most people would tell him to not do the procedure, essentially erasing his iconic look. Still, Strahan says, “I’ve gotta do what I want to do for myself.” (Source: www.tvinsider.com)



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