A Miami Vice Theme Party

A Miami Vice Theme Party

Miami Vice Theme Party:

Party Strategy: Men Your outfits for this affair need to be stylish, and not overly extravagant. The best part about being an adult is that it takes a lot less material to look 'Miami Vice' than it did in the 1980s. Coral and gold are in this season, but they pop with vitality. Staying true to the motif, men should pair these colors with white and pastel. Denim blues, yellow, and earthy tones also tie into the color scheme nicely.



Staring into your closet and thinking “I have nothing to wear”, or even worse, it’s a party I’m attending and there’s a dress code. Oh my… This years Summer BBQ at Spaces is themed Miami Vice. A theme that screams eighties, sunshine, and fast cars. Think big hair, even bigger shoulders, loud neon colours or pastels, lots of prints and glam.For men, the dress code is ubercool eighties; grab those chinos, roll them up so high that your loafers can shine (would Don Johnson wear socks, of course not). Mix it with a tank or T-shirt in a statement colour and don’t forget to also roll up the sleeves of your jacket, so that nice lining will show. For men, the hair should also be big or slicked back. In Miami, the men also like some bling around their neck or wrist. Or both.The iconic look of the 1980s television show ""Miami Vice" is easy to achieve for men. White suit, pastel T-shirt, sunglasses -- done. After all, the show had a huge influence on men's fashion, even down to today's metrosexual. For women, though, getting the right look can be a little trickier. Remember that the show was all about casual glamour, '80s-style, and you'll be on the right track, especially for a party, where dressing up is always appropriate.

Since "Miami Vice" is set in Miami, a bikini swimsuit is always an option when it comes to evoking the appropriate time and place. Feel free to wear a wrap around your hips or a gauze cover-up top if you want a little more cover. Choose a pastel palette. Add a wide-brimmed beach hat, some stylish sunglasses -- Ray-Bans are very period -- and thongs for your feet and you're ready to go. You might not want to wear this outfit for an evening event, but might choose it for a backyard barbecue-type event. What people wore in the 1980s was largely defined by pop culture and the celebrities driving it. Fashion inspiration came from musical acts such as Madonna, Boy George and Michael Jackson, while TV shows such as "Miami Vice" and "Dynasty" became a sort of fashion bible for clothing trends. When invited to a "Miami Vice" costume party, pull your fashion inspiration from actress Saundra Santiago. While playing Detective Gina Calabrese on the hit show, Santiago was routinely decked out in everything from over-the-top shoulder pads to big earrings and larger-than-life hair. Brighton's series of 2009 Pride events climaxes today with a Carnival Parade from 11am, reaching Preston Park around 1pm for Pride proper. Never ones to turn their backs on a party, Brighton's effervescent Pussycat Club host their own Pride celebration tonight with another uber-glam slice of clubbing-as-theatre. This time they've chosen a Miami Vice theme, which includes a dead cool, 1980s Miami decor, patrolling vice cops, entertainment from South Beach Dancers and a stage show. It'll all be set to a spot-on soundtrack of funky electro, dirty house and twisted tech from Audio Pimps, Nippa and Alex Outram in the main room and Lidia De Luca, JD Love and Dan Ovett in the top arch. If there was a list (and there probably is somewhere) of 100 clubbing experiences to have before the Zimmer years kick in, the Pussycat would be top. Enjoy. (Source: www.theguardian.com)



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