A Miami Subs Grill Menu

A Miami Subs Grill Menu

Miami Subs Grill Menu:

We wanted to create a menu with fun and interesting offerings, both to appeal to our fans of Cuban sandwiches and to introduce new flavors to our guests. After all, changing it up a little never hurt anyone!



Those who grew up eating Miami Subs' Philly cheese steaks and chicken wings now probably say, "I loved Miami Subs, but I thought they went out of business," said Richard Chwatt, CEO of the Fort Lauderdale-based chain.The new Miami Grill restaurants will offer customers a menu that includes more heart-healthy options, such as hot and cold subs served on multigrain bread, Caesar salads and tilapia, in addition to the chain's tried-and-true favorites such as chicken wings and cheese steaks. You can enjoy Philly cheesesteaks, gyros, wings, platters and pitas, subs, and salads in Miami Grill. They also have fish and chips, sandwiches, and a variety of desserts and beverages on their menu. You can have a perfect meal at Miami Grill for less than $40.For your mid-day meal, grab a chicken Philly sub or chili cheese steak sub at Miami Grill to satiate your mid-day cravings. Its menu also contains sandwiches, burgers, cheesesteaks, subs, and wings as its specialty.

We then ordered both the grilled and naked wings ($9.75). Both were good, but I really preferred the naked wings. The wing is a little smaller than your typical sports bar, but the taste made up for it; packing an amazing flavor that honestly didn’t need any dipping sauce. (I made a return visit a few days after my initial review, just to get the naked wings.) The grilled chicken wings were good, but are much better when you dip them in one of the eight sauces.Following the wings, the Philly Cheesesteak with seasoned fries was calling my name. I ordered the Original Philly Cheesesteak ($7.99), sautéed with grilled onions and covered with melted Swiss cheese served on a multigrain bun.Miami Grill, formerly Miami Subs Grill, is a privately held restaurant chain, based in the US state of Florida. The chain has approximately 30 locations, the majority of which are in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County Florida. The company's menu consists of such items as wings, submarine sandwiches, and pizza along with items from Arthur Treacher's and Nathan's Famous hot dogs, all of which operate co-branding agreements with Miami Subs, and which were corporate siblings of Miami Subs from 1999–2007. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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