A Metro Diner

A Metro Diner


Metro Diner

Metro Diner is a business serving breakfast and lunch in a pop-up food truck in Northeast Minneapolis.



Since the building’s humble beginnings in 1938 and its revival as Metro Diner in 1992, Jacksonville’s favorite place for breakfast has been serving satisfied guests for nearly 25 years. In 2000, master chef Mark Davoli and family took over and elevated the menu to include innovative new dishes created from local ingredients. Along with culinary creativity, the Davoli family brought more than 80 years of combined restaurant experience to Metro Diner. Known for warm, welcoming service, familiar faces and award-winning food, Metro Diner is a go-to eatery for locals, visitors and those just passing through town. Stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner in select locations, we’d love to have you.

At Metro 29 Diner, we pride ourselves on providing our patrons with the freshest, highest quality dishes available today. Open till the wee hours in the morning and always ready to serve a good hardy breakfast, we are your spot for great Steaks, chops, salads, Italian specialties, and of course, desserts to die for ...come see why we were chosen to appear in Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives in 2010! We are located in the heart of Arlington, Virginia.Metro is like most serving jobs. The more you know the more you make. There are constant specials that change both weekly and daily. The food is decent. Management is helpful I believe they are paid well enough to care. Training isn’t hard but sections is where you make or break. (Source: www.indeed.com



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