A Medical Scribe Resume Reddit

A Medical Scribe Resume Reddit

Medical Scribe Resume Reddit

The medical scribe is a staff member responsible for gathering, organizing, and transcribing medical notes into a typed document. They have experience working as a scribe in a hospital, nursing care facility, doctor’s office, or physician’s office.



This may feel like an awkward question to answer. Listing your own strengths may seem braggy and listing your weaknesses may feel deprecating. This is a difficult question for many people, but if you take some time to prepare an answer, you will feel more comfortable when faced with it. The strengths you list do not necessarily have to be directly relevant to medicine or scribing, but try to relate them if you can. When trying to think of strengths, think back to the skills you listed on your resume. Regarding weaknesses, you may have heard the advice to list strengths disguised as weaknesses (e.g. “I’m too hard-working”). This is not always a good idea, as the interviewer will easily be able to tell. It is better to be honest about a few of your small weaknesses and explain how you are working on overcoming them. Everyone has weaknesses; the important thing is that you recognize them and try to change.

At the place I've been working as a scribe for the past 3 years, umm the only thing that really is needed now is an interest in medical school, good availability for shift coverage, and the ability to type faster than 85 wpm. Literally...that's it. Sure it's great that you researched psychology but that's not going to be what you type up when you're taking patient histories and keeping up with your doctor. I guarantee that's the last thing on your mind. Mention all that in the application/resume, but focus on making sure you can type fast. At our branch of the scribe organization we work at we don't consider anyone unless they type faster than 85 wpm and then have availability. Other than that, we don't have other hiring requirements. Don't need shadowing prior to do the job since ER is different from other areas. (Source: forums.studentdoctor.net)



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