A Living Resume

A Living Resume

Living Resume

I've been in plenty of writing for hire jobs in the past, working for giants like Yahoo and The New Yorker. I've had a real-world resume too—one that's plastered with impressive-sounding job titles. But I've realized, so far, that resume is everything. It's a "get out of jail free card". It's the one thing you can use to get an interview—no matter who you are or what you're working on.



I know it sounds strange to think of your resume as a living being or better yet an actual product, but that is exactly how we need to begin to think about it. Resumes are not something to be refreshed only when we need a job, want to apply for a scholarship or need to spruce-up our LinkedIn page. A resume is a map, a blueprint and a tool that should outline your entire professional, educational and social career.

By maintaining a living blueprint of your professional, educational and social activities and accomplishments, you arm yourself with an invaluable tool. So, now I am sure some people are about to say “Wait…wait… wait Harlem! I have been told the rule for my resume is one page per every ten years of experience.” My thoughts on that rule calls for an entirely different article. But yes, that rule does exist! However, I am not suggesting that you share your living resume with the world. A living resume is just for you! It is a tool that you can use to build many customized resumes, bios, blogs, career pages (ex. LinkedIn), applications and more. (Source: www.internations.org)


Log into your computer and track down every resume you have ever made in your life (for any purpose). This will be critical as your ability to express yourself and focus at each moment you created or spruced-up your resume was different. Maybe you were more detailed on one? Less detailed on another? You had some help on the third one, but didn’t like it so you made a fourth one that was a compromise between your version and your friend’s? Maybe one was for school or the other one for a specific job? Either way, collect them all and print them. If you are like me, you will prefer to work with paper to organize such a big job.

However, most people have never taken the time to create one or they have made one once when they needed a job and then stopped feeding their resume with the nourishments of their growth, changes and notable moments. The good news is that I share with you the steps I took in creating my own living resume. (Source: www.internations.org)


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