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Listcrawler does not assume any responsibility for the ads that are shown on their site. They simply “crawl” other sites (hence the name ListCrawler), and post the ads they find there onto their own site. This leaves you open to answer fake ads that are placed for purposes other than what you’re seeking. These ads can be placed by anyone including spammers, scammers, law-enforcement, John baiters, etc. You really have no idea who or what you’re setting yourself up for. (Source:

Basically, what they’re saying here is that they’ll sell you out to law enforcement in order to protect their hinds if need be. If that’s not enough to keep you away from ListCrawler I don’t know what is. With the recent crackdowns on the major classified sites, I don’t see how anyone can accept using a site that states this directly in their terms of service. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Afterall, prostitution is still illegal in the United States. (Source: onlinehookupsites.com)


At the moment, the United States government is cracking down on websites that “Facilitate Human Trafficking”. They have closed down a multitude of websites that were apparently infringing on these laws. Upon close examination of Listcrawler’s Terms of Service, we discovered something quite alarming for anyone thinking of using this site. The site not only does not assume any responsibility for any of the ads placed on their site, but they also reserve the right to share your information with 3rd parties, including but not limited to authorities. Considering the nature of Listcrawler, this is a huge red flag in our opinion. You can basically use the site at your own risk but we surely do not recommend it. (Source:

We dug around the platform for a period of 9 days. The results of the ads themselves are somewhat mixed. Although a lot of the ads were legit, even more of them seemed to not be legit. For example, we noticed multiple ads of the same woman posted in multiple cities at the same time with different phone numbers. These ads were clearly fake. We decided to continue our probing and we discovered that a lot of the ads posted were simply posted with the intention of collecting phone numbers and emails of Johns in hopes of selling them on an entirely different service or product. Although this was annoying, it was the least of our worries. (Source: www.datingcouncil.com)



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