A Lil Nas X Real Name

A Lil Nas X Real Name

Lil Nas X Real Name

It’s been a real rollercoaster of a time for Lil Nas X. Hailing from Marietta, Georgia, at just 12 years of age the millinery-loving hip-hop artist developed his own style and sound to gain 85 million Twitter followers. Lil Nas has made a name for himself with blue-collar tactics and a down-to-earth attitude.

Lil Na

"Well, to me, Lil Nas X is my mic drop moment. We spend eight episodes and sixteen and a half hours talking about the fact that country music has never been one thing. ... And there's a huge African American influence, and it permeates throughout the whole story. ... And here we are in a new modern age that we're not touching, with all these classic, binary arguments about Billboard not listing ['Old Town Road'] on the country chart, and it turns out to be not just the No. 1 country hit but the No. 1 single, period, and it's by a black gay rapper! ... It just is proving that all of those cycles that we have been reporting on across the decades—all of the tensions in country music of race, class, poverty, gender, creativity versus commerce, geography—are still going on." And days before the rapper's appearance on SNL, he released the video for "SUN GOES DOWN," a hopeful narrative that shows high school Nas as his own guardian angel, saving him from suicidal thoughts, doubts about his sexuality, and self-consciousness about the color of his skin. Lil Nas X has been extremely vocal about his identity, and why he hopes his music will help others who are queer and/or feel marginalized by society. If you love the rapper, it helps to know a little bit more about his origins.

Lil Nas X explained where his stage name came from to BET, "'Nas' is already my internet alias, and when I first started rapping, I wasn't being serious, so it's like, 'OK, what'll be funny? Lil, lil, lil, [for] every new rapper.' So, 'Lil Nas,' aha!" But what about the X? It's apparently the reference to the Roman numeral for the number 10. "As I got more serious with music, I added the 'X' on, like, 'OK, this is the amount of time until I'm going to be, you know, at that mogul, legendary level," he explained. "So basically, 'Lil Nas' and the 'X' is like, for 10 years. By that point, I'll already be there, [but] I'm not saying it's going to take 10 years." (Source: www.thelist.com)


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