A Lake Michigan Credit Union

A Lake Michigan Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union

Is your company struggling for connections with the public? If your company is a small or medium-sized business, you might benefit from an on-the-spot personal loan from the Lake Michigan Credit Union. Louise Cooke is a West Michigan entrepreneur who has borrowed from LMCU several times. She says the loan process was fast, easy and beneficial for her company. "The process to get the loan was really easy," Cooke said. "



I’ve used the mobile check deposit twice as I have direct deposit Thur work so it’s not a big deal too me but Both times I kept receiving can’t read the numbers on the check but looking at the pic they were clear but they went to review and would not post for 4 business days yet this last time it posted right away. Never had this issue with former bank. Also, Bill Pay is a pain. I hate playing the guessing game of adding a date to send how about you tell me then? And waiting a week for you to send is crazy...it should be next day to send to credit card companies and no more then 3 business days for those you send a “check” too. Also Seeing you can’t talk to someone at 12am when you get a Notification at 12am of a pre-authorization for a withdraw from someone you have no idea who they are , why wouldn’t the fraud dept , the one dept you can speak too at night , help you with that? I was told I’d have to call in the morning...it sounds like a fraud issue too me.

Degree programs not eligible for the discount include Occupational Therapy. Tuition discounts are for new students who have not taken for credit courses within the prior 24 months. Your discount will show up on your Financial Aid award(s) under the name “DU Tuition Grant." (Source: www.davenport.edu)


After a few years working with multiple different departments, the company as a whole needs an overhaul with senior management. Too many long-term people who have yet to learn how to develop and maintain millennials and their successors. It is better than a lot of places though, so I stick around and do what I can to keep improving.

The culture they advertise is only through an email once or twice a month. The pay scales are skewed and it is frowned upon to talk to other coworkers about this. Even if you’ve been there for 15 years you might be making just as much as someone who just started. (Source: www.indeed.com)


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