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A Ky Lottery


Ky Lottery

Ky Lottery is a social media company that specializes in gaming and fantasy sports, originally established in 2002 in Kentucky. It is now headquartered between Kentucky's two biggest cities, Louisville and Lexington.



This app has a lot of really fun games. I've tried them all. Some actually don't give any prize. Like lucky 7's literally gives the exact same result every time ! The most you can win on a game is not what the game promises. You might get 50 cents or a dollar. I doubt anyone gets the major prizes. Another thing that is so irritating is the game has frozen and not given the prize. I won $20 on different games and the game froze and naturally I didn't get the prize! I had to restart my phone and then the app also has logged me out suddenly mid game. It also told me I had insufficient funds to play a game when I actually had the funds! Tech support just says there is nothing they have to do because it's a game of chance so if you lose $ it's your fault whether their app glitches or not. I suggest if you want to play, bet the smallest amount so it's no big deal if you lose. Don't bet the large amounts because you'll be really mad if the game freezes on you and then you lose that money. Super cash buster is probably the most fun. I kinda like the emoti but it never gives more than 1$. I think it's set up that way. Until they fix the annoying tech issues you really are taking a big chance just logging in!

I usually don’t write reviews, this is my first. I thought since this was the state lottery that it was legit. Here I am 10 am in my boxers eating pizza , drinking mt dew , thinking what would make my night better ......... that’s right making love with my wife , but she wasn’t in the mood , so I decided the next best thing to s*x is to gamble . So I deposit $20 they gave me $30 I’m like danggg already up playa . So I proceeded to play some keno . Bam hit $10, then I try to find my ticket I played it is gone but the money I spent on my ticket is also gone. I thought it was just a glitch in the simulation we live in , so I proceeded to play. Bam won again I think geeez I’m lucky, nope no ticket no win shown on history but my money is gone. This app will take your money faster than your baby momma at tax time. On the plus side the instant games did work I got my $20 back went to cash out , Then like on prom night I got shot down , bam they hit me with the balance must be $25 and we will mail a check. Mail a check? Are we living in 1974 ? Nobody told me this before I put in my $20 . So long story short don’t play . I’m out $20 and now rent and roll going to repo my rims because I don’t have the payment this week . Stay away from gambling, at least stay away from the Kentucky lotto app. (Source: apps.apple.com)


Players choose five white ball (1-70) and one Mega Ball (1-25) or they can select the Quick Pick option to let the computer randomly select their numbers. Each play is $2 and for an additional $1 per play, the Megaplier can be added for a chance to multiply winnings (except the jackpot). Players can also choose to play Just the Jackpot for only $3 for two chances to win the jackpot prize only. Jackpot winners choose between 30 graduated annual payments or its cash option. Mega Millions is drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays at approximately 11 PM ET. (Source:

Lucky For Life is drawn every day of the week. Players choose five white balls (1-48) and one Lucky Ball (1-18) or allow the computer to randomly select their numbers by choosing the Quick Pick option. The top prize is $1,000-per-day-for-life; second prize is $25,000-per-year-for-life. Winners of either "lifetime" prize can choose cash in lieu of the annuity payments. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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