A Kit Rowley Net Worth

A Kit Rowley Net Worth

Kit Rowley Net Worth

Kit Rowley is a 68 years old investor, best known for co-founding Apple Inc. along with Steve Wozniak in the 1970s. He has an estimated net worth of $4. 6 billion. His net worth is not just confined to Apple—he is also an investor in Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tesla, and Amazon.


Kit began getting small amounts of attention from Bachelor Nation during night one thanks to her title. After the producers labeled her occupation as a socialite, many fans of The Bachelor had their interests sparked. But, Kit was not at all pleased with the way she was initially labeled for the show. In fact, in an interview with the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, she shared that she was upset that the show gave her that label, presenting her in such a one-dimensional light.

Kit may not have like her label, but the producers certainly seem to be giving her a Gossip Girl-esque edit. Perhaps that is the very reason that they reached out to her to be a part of the show in the first place. Still, despite her edit, she seems to still be making a connection with Matt James. In the most recent episode of The Bachelor, James shared that Kit was “a little fashionista” and revealed that she was someone he was immediately interested in from the very first night. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)


Kit Keenan is currently single. According to her Bachelor bio, "She hasn’t had a serious relationship since her first love in high school, but that’s only because she hasn’t found a man who can measure up to the level of emotional intelligence she needs. She’s found that most guys she meets don’t match her maturity level, and although she is only 21, she is very ready for a serious commitment. Kit is looking for a man who is genuine, open, and honest. She is a straight shooter who has no interest in anyone who is fake or indirect".However, she is currently one of the contestants on the 25th season of "The Bachelor" where she is competing for the heart of 28 years aged, Matt James whom she thinks is her idol man.

Kit Keenan is an American TV personality and fashion entrepreneur from New York who is best known for her appearance in the 25th season of the American dating and relationship reality television series "The Bachelor". Kit is the youngest contestant competing this season. This season of the show features a real-estate broker and charity founder, Matt James for whose heart Kit and other 31 female contestants were competing. The season premiered on January 4, 2021. On the season's premiere, Matt eliminated the other 8 female contestants. Kit is also famous for being the daughter of Cynthia Rowley, an American fashion designer. Kit released her own line of clothing in 2018. She along with her mother co-host a podcast called Ageless Together, on which they chat about fashion, business, and life. (Source: gossipgist.com)


In 1988, her company, the Cynthia Rowley Collection, incorporated, and went on to become incredibly successful. Once only a women's clothing line, the Cynthia Rowley collection now includes accessories, shoes, cosmetics, perfume, handbags, and eyewear. She has stores of her own in New York, Chicago, Boston, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. There are plans to open additional stores in Asia in the coming years. She is a recipient of the Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent. In addition to her design work, she has also published four books, and served as a guest judge on multiple fashion-related reality shows.

It seems that Kit has come by her interest in fashion honestly. In fact, her mother, Cynthia Rowley, is a highly successful fashion designer. Though Kit maintains a close relationship with her mom, she revealed on the latest episode of The Bachelor that the fame that surrounds her mom has made it challenging for her to be in a romantic partnership. (Source:





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