A Joycelyn Savage

A Joycelyn Savage

Joycelyn Savage


The two-time Olympic medalist is a seasoned speaker, highly sought-after writer, and a partner on the influential business channel Upfront & Personal


“Everything that we were living in had become very normal,” Clary said. “I had to break out of that. I had to realize that this is actually abnormal. It did because it was not only me. It was other women, other women who were older than me. When I met him at 17 he had four other women. So these women are all normalizing his actions and you have assistants normalizing his actions. You have workers and security and everyone else that normalizes it so me being very young at that time, I just learned to normalize it.”

Joycelyn had been living with Kelly for 4-6 years, with many failed attempts by her parents to bring her home. Now-ex girlfriend Azriel Clary was also living at Kelly’s house for the time period. In January 2020, Clary returned to Kelly’s Chicago condo at Trump Tower to presumably finish packing her belongings after deciding to cooperate with the feds during Kelly’s investigation and trial. The video was obtained by The Shaderoom. (Source: www.bet.com)



In 2017, Ms. Savage recorded a video published on the celebrity news website TMZ in which she said she was fine and “not being brainwashed.” In one of her Patreon posts, Ms. Savage said that she was told what to tell TMZ, and that Mr. Kelly’s assistant “would starve me for days at a time until I learned it right word for word.” (Source:

Azriel Clary is still speaking out against R. Kelly. Clary dated Kelly from the time she was 17, a minor, until she was 22. Then she testified against Kelly at his New York trial, where Kelly was ultimately convicted of charges of sex trafficking and racketeering. Clary sat down with Gayle King for a follow-up interview after Kelly’s sentencing. During the interview Clary said it was another Kelly girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, who inspired her to leave. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)




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