A Jobscan Resume

A Jobscan Resume

Jobscan Resume

If you are looking for a job, rest assured that you’re not alone. While America’s unemployment rate is at an 18-year low and employers are struggling to fill positions, it can still be difficult to find your dream job.


Resume optimization is the process of tailoring your resume each time you apply for a job based on the job description and recruiting software. The two major tenets of resume optimization are identifying the most critical skills in the job description and naturally including them on your resume, and formatting your resume in a way that avoids parsing errors and display issues within applicant tracking systems (ATS).

If you’re creating a resume for the first time, haven’t updated your resume in several years, or just want to start from scratch, Jobscan’s free resume builder is what you need. The resume builder makes it easy. Just pick an ATS-friendly template, follow the prompts, and export a new resume that is compatible with any online job application. This is a great way to create a general resume that you optimize for each new job opportunity. (Source: www.jobscan.co)



I am very glad that I used the Jobscan! It helped me a lot to adjust my resume for each position, to apply right words, to fix resume formatting. It gave me so much confidence! This tool analyze the job description and finds the scope of skills that are required for the job, and not only skills but the right wordings to describe your competency. I found my dream job and would recommend this tool for everybody who is looking for a job.

I used Jobscan Pro throughout my job search to compare the job description to my resume. I really liked that there were in-depth tips based on what kind of ATS some jobs use to parse keywords and save time (always put in the website's link so Jobscan can check!). Now obviously you have to still put in the work and make your resume readable for the real humans who may be looking for them, but this is a wonderful aid! Starting my new job in a week. (Source: www.sitejabber.com)


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