A Jimmy Neutron Characters"

A Jimmy Neutron Characters"

Jimmy Neutron Characters

Hey Peanutbutter. It’s your lucky day! We’ve been looking for something very specific to stick on our fridge. Something that can share the Jimmy Negurron experience. And what could be more fun and exciting than finger jetpacks?

Jimmy Neutron


Cynthia Aurora "Cindy" Vortex (voiced by Carolyn Lawrence) is a blonde-haired girl with green eyes, wears a fading-green shirt with stripes and wears her hair in a ponytail with her trademark bangs. In her debut, she wore a salmon-pink shirt with black pants and salmon-pink shoes and wore her hair in pigtails. She is very good at tai-chi. Her close friend is Libby. She has a dog named Humphrey, who is seen in many episodes, usually accompanying her. She is Jimmy Neutron's female counterpart and arch-rival yet love interest but in the 2006 episode, "Lady Sings the News", Jimmy and Cindy officially start dating, which was predicted in earlier episodes like "Win Lose and Kaboom!". In "The Tomorrow Boys", Jimmy, Sheen, and Carl traveled to the future, where future Jimmy revealed he and Cindy were married. It is unclear whether this is the true future since the gang changed the past by the end of the episode.

en.wikipedia.org)Goddard (voiced by Frank Welker) is Jimmy Neutron's robotic dog that Jimmy invented himself. He is loyal to Jimmy and often accompanies him on his adventures outside of school. Jimmy can call him whenever he wants from his phone. He has various features including self-propelled flight and can double as a rocket propelled bicycle-like transportation for Jimmy to ride, complete with handle bars. Jimmy often uses Goddard to help weigh options for his dilemmas, which Goddard displays on a computer monitor covered normally by his breastplate. He has mostly the disposition of a normal dog, but occasionally uses voice clips to communicate. Jimmy can have Goddard “play dead”, which causes him to self-destruct. Despite being blown to pieces, Goddard can instantly reconstruct himself back to normal from the scrap without any assistance. This has become a running gag for him. He was named after the late famous American engineer, Robert H. Goddard. (Source:



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