A Jessica Canseco Net Worth

A Jessica Canseco Net Worth

Jessica Canseco Net Worth

Jessica Canseco is a mixed martial artist and UFC strawweight fighter, and currently, she is the most well-paid female fighter in the history of mixed martial arts. Canseco began her mixed martial arts career back in 2007 and earned her first championship belt and $20,000 prize money at the World Fighting Alliance in 2009. Canseco has won additional championships in the now-defunct Strikeforce and Invicta.

Jessica Canseco

Her father was one of the most prominent players in the field of Basketball. Other than that he was also a former player of the Major League Baseball that is MLB as well as he was the designated hitter named Jose Canseco. On the other hand, her mother was one of the most prominent former models named Jessica Canseco. Tracing back her ancestry, she has a mixed ancestry of half Cuban descendent. Being a child of one of the most popular models, she got the opportunity to be part of the popular show named VH1’s Hollywood Exes. She appeared in the show along with her mother. Apart from that, she also appeared in the second season of the popular show on the internet named Summer Break.

Jessica Canseco, 42, is the mother of one daughter, Josephine Marie Canseco. On November 5, 1996, she and her divorced husband Jose welcomed Josephine into their lives. Jessica, a waitress, attempted The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition on E! Online in March 2016 to repair the relationship between mother and daughter. For the time being, the mother and daughter are frequently seen in interviews and functions together. Josie Marie, a 23-year-old model, and Internet personality had previously been linked to Mike Stud (2015), Tyga (2017), Logan Paul, and Brody Jenner, brother of TV personality Brandon Jenner. (Source: popularbio.com)


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