A Jeni's Ice Cream

A Jeni's Ice Cream

Jeni's Ice Cream

Growing Jeni’s is an American favorite story that has become a social media favorite. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to keep up with how Jeni’s is baking their yummy ice cream.


Britton Bauer had served one flavor a day at Scream but realized that when a coffee shop was out of her favorite orange scone, such a limited selection could be disappointing for customers. Afterward, she realized Scream's mistakes and wrote a new business plan. Britton Bauer got a job at the North Market and proposed opening a new ice cream store at the market for nearly a year without success. Meanwhile, her boyfriend bought her an Italian gelato machine that she could not afford at the time, and she began making her own ice cream again at home.

www.specialtyfood.com)20+ years ago, @jenibrittonbauer opened her first ice cream shop with a vision to change the ice cream game. A pioneer of the artisan ice cream movement, she introduced a modern, ingredient-driven style of ice cream making—using fresh produce from local farmers and grass-grazed milk. On a mission to make better ice creams every single day, the company continues to refuse conventional standards that say ice cream has to be made with a lengthy list of gums, fillers, and emulsifiers. Today, the company still makes ice creams the same way Jeni did in the beginning, working to make better ice creams every single day. All of Jeni’s flavors are made with ingredients that shine, like grown-for-them fruits, Direct Trade chocolate, and grass-grazed milk sourced from their community of partners. And they never contain anything that could stand in the way of beautiful flavor. Come taste for yourself. (Source:


When Jeni Britton Bauer founded Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in 2002, she had a vision: use dairy from grass-fed cows, whole ingredients and inspired flavor combinations. Jeni brings her creative background — as an art student, a professional baker, and an amateur perfumer — to her beautifully crafted ice creams. Her line of traditional ice creams have a unique buttercream body. “No one else makes ice cream like Jeni Britton Bauer.” – Food & Wine Magazine.S

"We don't even think of ice cream as dessert here," she says, adding that it's practically its own food group. Certainly something that you eat every day. Just like drinking coffee in the morning is a sacred ritual, so is enjoying ice cream in the evening. And Britton Bauer's journey toward building a thriving ice cream business started early in life. (Source: www.cnbc.com)



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