A Install Star Tsp100 Future Print"

A Install Star Tsp100 Future Print"

Install Star Tsp100 Future Print

The difference between CNC and machine-cut vinyl lettering is that CNC uses a computer numerical control device to generate shapes and a computer numeric control process (computer numeric control) uses a computer and a CNC device to generate shapes. This process is commonly used to produce materials that can be manipulated without the use of a human.



Availability disclaimer: You can also set up your Star TSP100U/TSP100IIIU or Star TSP100LAN/TSP100IIILAN receipt printer with Lightspeed Hub. At this time, however, Lightspeed Hub is available to all new merchants who joined Retail POS on September 1, 2020 and after. It's also available to certain existing merchants who joined Retail POS before September 1, 2020 as it's currently in private beta.

Star’s best selling printer worldwide, the TSP100, is the first software-driven thermal POS receipt printer to provide an immediate plug & play application. This allows retailers to tailor and continuously modify all aspects of receipting output to meet their individual needs. Combining Star quality and reliability at an affordable price, the TSP100 offers paper and energy saving features plus a 4 year warranty as standard. The TSP100 is incredibly simple to set up and comes with everything you need included in the box. (Source: star-emea.com)



Determine the printer’s IP Address on the network. This can be done by performing a self-test page. Ensure the printer power is off and that it is connected to the network. Press and hold the FEED button in the front while turning the power switch on. Release the FEED button after approximately three seconds. The printer outputs the first page of the self-test showing hardware settings. About ten seconds later, the next self-test print showing network configuration. The bottom of this second printout shows the IP Address, as displayed below.

The unique TSP100 futurePRNT Series is backed by Star’s experienced support team, recognized throughout the industry for its technical knowledge and integration expertise. Stars multi-product API forms part of Star’s iOS, Android, Windows and Linux based SDKs, valued by software houses for simpler integration of platform-specific applications. Visit our Global Support Site to download TSP100 drivers, SDKs, and for information about printer and software set-up and integration or please contact one of our experts for more information. (Source: futureprnt.com)



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