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Eve has over 40 years of education industry leadership and management experience peppered with commercial, government and consulting roles. She has worked in executive leadership roles at a number of exclusive Sydney independent schools, Stratco QLD, Australian Technical College, Carrick Education, Think Colleges, Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the Australian government funded Workforce Futures program, and Scentia. Eve has owned and operated large retail outlets, a global consultancy business, and a sports management and coaching business.

Currently, Eve is the lead representative for Independent Education providers working with government and the tertiary sector to see the return of international students, as well as contributing to a range of sector and government committees, working groups, advisory activities and consortia, and in her spare time provides support on a voluntary basis for various international student organisations in NSW. (Source: www.icollege.edu.au)


This form is for children aged 5 to 16 with (or awaiting) an Education Health and Care (EHC) plan and attending a Special Needs School, Resource Unit or iCollege. Young people attending iCollege who do not have an EHC should not use this form. Please use our Apply for Free Transport to a West Berkshire Council School and the iCollege Without an EHC form or contact iCollege directly for advice in these circumstances. (

The newly merged entities are currently working through integration activities. For the time being you can continue to contact our team members via the following details: (Source:redhilleducation.com))


Headquartered in stunning South Africa, our distributed company spans 3 continents with employees in the U.S., India, and of course, South Africa. Our customers call more than 120 countries home. We're proud to say iCollege is trusted by leading organizations in major tech hubs, including Silicon Valley, to train and equip employees to be the very best that they can be.

www.westberks.gov.uk)Transport assistance from home to school for children attending a Special School, Resource Unit or iCollege, all with an EHC (Source


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